Wednesday, September 6, 2023

The Spoonful of Sugar Festival

 The "Spoonful of Sugar Festival" is back in Second Life. This is a fundraiser event to raise money for the Doctors Without Borders charity. Based in Switzerland, the group helps the sick and injured in over 70 countries, notably where conflict and natural disaster have struck.
While we do not "earmark" our funds raised for MSF for any specific aspect of what they do, at the Spoonful Of Sugar, we do
like to choose an area of their work for our focus and education. While in Tahiti we are looking more at environmental issues and impacts MSF/Doctors Without Borders faces. Please join us at destinations around our planet - which are not only astoundingly beautiful and wealthy, but at the same time devastatingly vulnerable and poor. Lets all learn and understand this connection between environmental imbalance and the illness, safety and resource insecurity facing so many on our planet.

The event area covers ten sims. Most are full of  shopping areas with items up for sale with all or part of the money going to the charity. This includes at least one limited edition item on sale only at the Festival. There's also the "Get Crabby Hunt." There are also occasional music parties with DJs (the one I saw was in the southernmost sim). There are also auctions and raffles for giftcards,
The scenery was picturesque, with many of the stores set up as island huts. There were also groups of script-controlled islanders dancing and playing music, as if welcoming the attendees. For shoppers, there is a variety of items to get from pets, to furniture, to Halloween goods, to farming game supplies, and more.
 For more information, check the event blog at (note, for some reason, a few of the pages have warnings on some browsers as of the writing of this article)

Bixyl Shuftan

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