Friday, September 1, 2023

Firestorm's 13th Anniversary Party This Sunday

Second Life's most popular viewer, Firestorm, is officially turning thirteen years old this Sunday, September 3. And for the event, Team Firestorm is planning a party. 

Can you believe it!! 13 years!! Yes, that is right, Firestorm is finally a teenager. We turn 13 on Sep 3, 2023! Of course, we are going to celebrate! You are invited to join us. We will have a party and there will be gifts – two really nice ones. There will also be some great entertainment.

Two live musicians are scheduled to perform at the event. At 10 AM SL time, Maximillian Kleen will be doing music on stage. At 11 AM, Pretty Belle will be singing. The event should last until Noon SL time.

There will also be two gifts available for anyone to get. One is a pet tiger. The other is a pet baby dragon on a stump that wiggles when pressed.

In the blog, it was stated the location of the party would be posted on the blog a few hours before the event. But in the past, it's been held at the Firestorm Dow Forest at (219/229/3901).

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