Monday, September 25, 2023

The 2024 Election US Presidency Exhibit

I recently came across an exhibit for next year's election in America, the 2024 Election US Presidency Exhibit. It's a place where one can learn a little more about the country's Presidential Election.

Visit this evolving exhibit about the 2024 Presidential Election. Review information about voting and voter registration, key dates for the 2024 election, Democratic and Republican Parties and candidates, and more! Collect party supplies! Enjoy refreshments from the Campaign Cafe! Start your own fireworks show!

The U.S. Presidency has been an exhibit topic at Learning Virtualē from September 2012 through March 2014 (for the 2012 presidential election and more) and April 2015 to present (for the 2016, 2020, and 2024 presidential elections and more). 
Looking around, there was a place to pick up bottled water and a hamburger or hot dog, or other goodies. There was also a sign "Exercise your Constitutional right to vote!" 
Among the displays was one of voter trends in recent years. There was also a billboard giving out notecards of recent Presidential and Presidential election scandals and controversies "and every Presidency seems to have an alleged scandal or a few." There was one place where one could read charts on voting statistics, such as what percentage of what age group went out and voted. The chart displayed was stating older people are more likely to vote, though in recent elections more younger people were coming to the polls. 

There were also a couple places where one could get a little information on the candidates, one for the Democrats and another for the Republicans. With this upcoming election having a Democrat as the incumbent, there were only a couple other candidates listed besides President Biden running for the nomination by the party. In contrast, there was a long list of candidates running for the Republican nomination for the Presidential race, such as former President Donald Trump who has been having a consistent lead in the polls. While fortunes in politics can, and have, change wildly in a short time, there is the likelyhood of the next US Presidential election having the same two candidates by the two major parties as in the previous one. This would be only one other time in more than a century this has happened, in 1956  when the Republican Dwight Eisenhower faced the Democrat Adlai Stevenson. Neither of the major parties have ever before nominated a former President to run in a Presidential Election in American history since Grover Cleveland in1892.  .

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