Monday, February 16, 2015

Press Release: Ibexian Lunar New Year Festival Roleplay, February 19

Ibexian Lunar New Year Festival Roleplay
Feb 19th 2015
8 PM to 10 PM SLT
Entering the year of the Ibex (or Ram, or Sheep, but this is Ibex, and so the Ibex insert themselves wherever they can).
The Ibex Empire, Ibex Empire (177, 166, 25)

*  *  *  *  *

The Solar New Year has already happened in Ibex. Not everyone goes by that calendar though. Many Ibexians go by the Lunar Calendar. Thus Ibexians tend to celebrate both. The Lunar New Year tends to be a bigger affair since the Solar new year has so many things that happen around it to drown that celebration out.

The Ibexians honor the Lunar Pearl by gathering for moon viewing together and the enjoyment of feasting. It is traditional to compose haiku or poetry honoring the moon and her beauty. Moon and/or star related fashion and food are common. Those of the Starlight Samurai division may be seen in ceremonial procession with the Crystal Priests and the carrying around the country of the Lunar Orb, a very large perfect fire opal sphere. Musicians and singers perform their odes while dancers dance. In some towns of the empire special songs are performed via the clashing of horns, and for these even the kirins are sometimes seen partaking.

This will be an In-Character event, though spectators are welcome. If someone would like to DJ and collaborate songs for the stream or over voice (that are in keeping with either the Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Ainu, or Tribal African music styles, or are moon related but do not fit these) then please feel free to contact Amehana Ishtari. Performers are welcome.

This event culturally also facilitates the average Ibexian (and guests) in being allowed to assist in care of the main crystal of the land through an ancient process. In combining the chi (energy) of the love in the hearts of Ibexians, the light of the moon, the wisdom of the living of life seated in the mind and expressed through calligraphy brush, motion, and mouth a special type of energy then is gathered into the Lunar Orb and passed into the main crystal.

Word is that both Raikou and Emperor Horin plan to attend. If both actually do show then some very important events for the land will start unfolding as time goes on. The Imperial Treasury may even be dispensing special amulets created specifically for this year's events for attendants.

For best enjoyment make sure that you set your viewer to midnight. Although set for two hours on here it may run longer, or not. Scheduled at this hour so as not to risk conflicting with events for the Trotsdale Library.

Be watching. Raikou and Horin will soon be embarking on their quest to rebalance Ibex and reverse the in-lore desertification around the capital area. Part of the roleplay will revolve around the Capstone rune, but there will also be some adventuring required to gather particular items and artifacts. Those interested can send when they are most available so that semi-regular session can be scheduled.

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