Sunday, February 15, 2015

More on Beckye Burnstein

 Remember Beckye Burnstein the "Visible Woman?" Well, like so many builders, she's still at it. She recently sent me a "Le Smart T-shirt" Coming in three sizes of Mesh, it's actually a couple dozen shirts in one.

 With the HUD controls, one can change the shirt to one of the couple dozen pictures stored. One can find the shirt, and other goods of hers, in her store (check her profile for the location of the place).

Beckye's also been sporting a child avatar lately. She says she may slowly grow it over time at the rate of about one year a month. She may eventually construct child-sized organs for it later, like she had for her adult form.

Her interest in child avatars goes beyond just clothing. She developed a racing group with child avatars in mind, the "SL Kids Racing Association." It has a racetrack at the Nightshark sim at (43/58/3511), and a Facebook page at:

Beckye, in either form, is still at work.

Bixyl Shuftan

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