Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Return of Isle of View Valentines Sims

The Isle of View sim, which shows up only just before Valentines Day and vanishes soon after, is back. After hearing the news, yours truly headed there for a look.

From the air, the place looks like a heart. From the ground, it looks like a romantic park, with walkways, numerous benches one can cuddle with a date on, and swan boat rides.

 Longtime readers will remember the Isle of View and it's twin sim Isle of View 2 as being the setting for the "Kiss a Linden" Valentines Day event. When the Teen Gris was around, it had it's "Hug a Linden" event. The yearly event continued until 2011 when the last one took place. It's discontinuation was part of a trend at the time of "Linden Lab loosing interest of being involved with the Second Life community." But last year, it returned. This was an updated, more detailed island than before, though no sign of Lindens.

 There was no shortage of flowers around, some places having more than others.

  Want a teddy bear for someone special? Michael Linden set these three up for one to get copies of.

There was one addition to the island this year. There were some kissing booths around. A sign perhaps that the "Kiss a Linden" events from some years ago will be coming back? Time will tell.

Bixyl Shuftan

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