Monday, February 16, 2015

The Singularity Viewer : A Lightweight Viewer for Second Life

If you're like most Second Life residents, you've moved on from the official viewer to one of the alternatives. The most popular is Firestorm, which has more users than even the official client software. But suppose this isn't running quite right for you either. Fortunately, there's other third party viewers out there. Among them, the Singularity Viewer. Wesley Regenbogen decided to give it a try recently. So what did he think of it?

Read Wesley's article in Design.

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  1. Singularity has been a good viewer alternative in the past, and some still love it, But for some reason or another, it has always ran hard on my PC and the fact that it hasn't been updated in awhile, as it seems like new viewers are seemingly coming out monthly now ... A Viewer I've enjoyed using lately has been one called CtrlAltViewer ... runs pretty smoothly on my PC plus it has more options than Singularity lately too ....