Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentines Day Event at the Isle of View

Today in Second Life at the Isle of View sim, Linden Lab is promising some Valentines Day fun a day early.

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just a few days away! Pink and red dominate, chocolate sales sky-rocket, and we're reminded that the true hallmark of love is in the quality of time we spend with our loved ones. Come to the Isle of View on February 13th for some Pre-Valentine’s Day fun. Meet up with other Residents and enjoy all the romance that Isle of View has to offer - boat rides, fireworks, kissing booths - a treasure trove of memorable moments just waiting to be made with someone special. Why February 13th? Because we believe in love, and there is still time to find a special someone for the big day. If you’ve got a Valentine - bring them to the Isle of View. If you’re currently looking for a Valentine - come to the Isle of View. If you have several Valentines - well lucky you - bring them all to the Isle of View!

The Isle of View sim appeared last month onto the Grid. For years in the past, it was the scene of the "Kiss a Linden" Event, appearing just on Valentines Day, though 2011 would be the last time the event in which residents got to pucker up with a Linden took place. In 2012 and 2013, the island did not appear on the Grid. In 2014, the sim finally appeared on the grid, and stayed up and online for several days. Appearing earlier this month, there was one addition to the sim, kissing booths.

With those and the line from the email Linden Lab has been sending residents, "You never know who'll you'll meet, friends, Lindens, or even a date for the big day," could it be that "Kiss a Linden" will finally be coming back?  Or maybe it's something similar that involves residents interacting with Lindens. Time will tell.

To view Linden Lab's blog post about the Isle of View, Click Here. of View/124/97/44/

Bixyl Shuftan

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