Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine Town

With another holiday around the corner, the Elizabeth Town sim is back with it's look for this time of year, and the place now calling itself "Valentine Town."

The place is built in a fun style, with the trees and buildings looking like they were made for a cartoon. There's a chocolate river one can float on using a candy heart. At a pile of gumballs underneath a waterfall of colors, one can hop on and go for a ride. There are a number of stores where one can get  teddy bears, jewelry, and other gifts, in addition to dresses, hot tubs, and other items for a date.

DrFran wrote about Valentine Town last year, including an interview with Laura Liberty, the owner of the sim. You can still read it (here).

And for those looking forward to Mardi Gras, there's a section of the sim decorated in the style for Fat Tuesday.

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