Friday, January 18, 2019

Announcement: Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Party

What:    Celebrate a Total Lunar Eclipse with National Space Society in Second Life!

When:    Sunday, January 20 2019 at 19:33 - 22:50 SLT (Eclipse Sequence).

Where:    National Space Society "Tranquillity Base" ON THE MOON! (Landmark attached)

Why:    The only total lunar eclipse in 2019, visible in Western Hemisphere and western Spain, Portugal, Brittany, British Isles and Scandinavia. A rare conjunction of events:

Super Moon: Full Moon is closest to Earth in its orbit, so larger, and Earth's shadow is bigger, so the eclipse lasts longer (over one hour) (and may be extra dark);

Blood Moon: Sunlight refracts through Earth's atmosphere, making a ring of red light like sunrise-sunset around the planet.

The Moon appears bathed in a dim red light. See what this looks like on the surface of the Moon at NSS' Tranquillity Base;Wolf Moon: American Indians called the January Full Moon the "Wolf Moon" after wolves singing to its brightness over the long winter night (and on the hunt).

Period of Totality: 20:41 - 21:43 SLT.

Dance to our "Space Filk and More" music and socialize with space colonists. Everyone Welcome!

Come early -- stay late!

More Info:

-- Hosted by the NSS in Second Life Team and Friends of NSS.

Tranquillity Base: .

Prng Flagstaff, NSSinSL Planetologist

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