Monday, January 21, 2019

Farshore Radio Now Has A Country Music Station

Cynthia Farshore is known for her Farshore Radio station (24/7 Internet music stream), which delivers a great mix of classic rock hits and more recent tunes. But this is not all she has to offer. Late on Sunday night, she announced the opening of a new station: Farshore Country.

Farshore Radio Has a New Stream

The Goat you got is happy to announce that Farshore Radio-The Goat has added a new stream! Farshore Country -  with your favorite country stars from Hank Williams to Garth Brooks.
 The Goat, Farshore Country where you feel right at home.

Farshore Radio's main station is continuing to play it's classic rock at . Cynthia also has a Steampunk-themed music station at

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