Sunday, January 6, 2019

Raglan Shire's "Merry Prankster" Strikes Again

Over time, a certain character (or perhaps two or more pretending to be the same person) known as the "Merry Prankster" has left a series of signs and other amusing sights over the Raglan Shire sims that can be seen only on the map (or way above the sim at the right height). A few days ago, he or she left something high over the Raglan Galaxy sim: a sign with the words "do not eat the yellow snow."  "The Merry Prankster offers sage New Year's advice over Raglan Galaxy,"Linn Dorkwatcher posted on Facebook, with one person responding, "Don't tell me what to do! I'll eat the lemon slushy if I want!" Another went, "The best kind!"

Taking a look at the map again this weekend, the sign had been altered slightly. So what does "B K O D" mean? And will we find out before the Merry Prankster strikes again? Perhaps we'll soon see.

Bixyl Shuftan

Addition: Linn would message me, saying BKOD means "Basement Kitteh(s) Of Doom."


  1. BKOD means "Basement Kitteh(s) Of Doom". They are a 'gang' of Tiny/Dinkie black cats headed by the notorious Clover Dezno.

    The sign is clearly an insult, probably posted by some member of TAGS (Tiny Alley Gang Strays, headed by Sweecahcahche Ah). TAGS are ruff and tuff and don't bathe enough - and like it that way.

    The third known 'gang' of Tinies are the Pink Tinies, who are nice and kind and just want to get along with everyone.

    (Yesh, the 'gangs' are all in fun. They pokes at one another but all are Tinies together.)

  2. I wonder who could possibly be doing these signs? who has the eebilness to use their authority to construct these pawsome TAGS in da sky? some SWEE-T tiny I would guess who feels the need... To Actually Give Some ...Sound Words Encouraging Edumacation... for tinies.