Friday, January 4, 2019

Press Release: Homes For Our Troops in 2018

Happy New Year folks!  And thank you all for a great 2018 regarding our efforts for Homes For Our Troops in Second Life.

We sent  just over $13500 to HFOT in 2018.  This was only possible because of the kindness of each and every one of you this past year. 

Our family of supporters is growing …and it is showing up in the total support for HFOT.

First of all let’s give that round of applause to all of our musician and DJ performers as well as their management for their help in 2018.  We could not have done it without you!  Just look at this list of devoted talent… we truly have the support of the best of the best of Second Life!

Waya Snowpaw DJ, Savannah Rain, Melenda Baptiste, Winston Auckland, Keeba Tammas, Taj and all the folks at Keys Management group, Wayne Rhodell, Hogan Baily, Cryptic Harmony, Amforte Clarity, Guitarhero Dougall, Chillee Hernandoz, ReggieSunset Rookswood and his manager Skeat Abonwood, Trav McCullough, Nina Bing, DirtyDee Sweetwater, KJeff Hohn, Acoustic Rhapsody/The Vinnie Show and Daallee his great manager, Erin68 Frog and Satin Galli, Austin Moores, SingerGirl Mode, Naughty, Lark Bowen, Clyde Barrow, Zak Claxton, Toxie Darkmatter, Savannah Coronet, Amber Lefarve,  Jorr Jarman, Keileigh Jarman and all the folks at Whispering Sands Promotions, Shaye Dezno, David Csiszer, Nyna Slate and Slate Management, Paul Nowles, Melenda Baptiste, Wolfie Moonshadow, Lark Bowen, Beccca Baxton, DJ BellaRose Restless and DJ Trin, Dimivann Ludwig, Ian Harrod, NeoMaximus Brandenburg and Badone Resident, Bono Fouroux, Laurie Alexis and the Key’s Management Group, Agatha Martin, Max Kleene and his manager Kat Vargas, Porter Paquot, Toxie Darkmatter, Cori Arkright, Jon Regent, Ganjo Mokeev, Arra, QuadRadiX (Noma Falta, Maximillion Kleene, DennyMac and Sabian Inglewood), Carol Greenwood (Dirval Greenwood Artists), Nina Bing, Lyndon Heart and his manager Maali Beck

And our family of regular supporters continues to grow. It is a family we can proud to be a part of.  Thank you:

Dahlea Milena and Veteran’s Isle, Gjackie Winkler, Waya Snowpaw, Eastbay47, Bri Mcmahon, Ladysmack gears, All the folks at Legions  of Vets and Lov MC, RGHangnLo Resident and all the folks and VIPs at Hangin's Hideout, Cayleen Linette (and everyone at Cay's at Woodland Lake, Ravencrisler at the Wellston SIM, Lezil1231 Resident at Kindred Spirit SIM, EdgeSteel Resident at Shadow Shore SIM, dirkdanger11 Resident (Sky Ranch), littlebit31okla Resident (Lumiya), Russell65 Resident (MISFITsNC), tbranno Resident (Andrew), All the folks at Tobacco Road Club, Bixyl Shuftan (Purrfection Estates), Grizzly Nightfire (Chaisuki), Hayanah Resident (Leto Yoshiro), Biker Sharkfin (Sacred Ground), BellamyLeggett Resident (Kindred Sanctuary), xcheetahglow Resident (Starlight Meadow), BellaRose Restless  and all the great folks at Midnight Cowboy, Curvslater Resident and all the folks at Shadow Shore, Zack221 Friller (Isolated Heights), Grim Berger (Olympus Island), Don Guapo, Jade Guapo and Victoria Kayor   (Club Vet), Catoh Oh (Sky Ranch and Pigra SIMs), Jaz from Full Throttle Radio, Jardasius Ecksol (Big Dog Customs)

Our extremely veterans needs are lifetime folks.  Let’s make 2019 another year of recognizing this by keeping up the good fight for Homes For Our Troops in Second Life.

It is an honor to work with all of you.

Frets Nirvana

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