Friday, June 24, 2022

Advert: M&M Creations' Cottage Boiseau


I have always loved writing the stories about my life whilst building my cottages. Tales of discoveries and daydreams, some happy, some sad, some fantastical! 

Stories of meeting so many interesting people  .....And every one of them is a precious gem in my jewel box of Life, that helped to while away the days spent creating.

But this cottage, Boiseau - was different.

The creation of this cottage was driven by love - not a daydream, not a fantasy....but a love found. The pure, driven energy of love has propelled me to create this latest build almost overnight ..or so it seems!

I dedicate this Cute Tiny Cottage Boiseau to Laure, my love.

Technical info:

- footprint 20x20 meter
- landimpact 43
- scripted doors and windows with sound
- designed with rendervolumelodfactor at 2

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