Friday, June 17, 2022

The Relay Track Camps Come Down


Thursday June 16 might have been the start of the Second Life Birthday Celebrations. But it was also "Takedown Day"for the campsites at the Relay track sims. So many were taken down.

Some had only part of their items taken down, in the case of this one, some of the copyable ones were put together in one group.

Some builds remained up for people to enjoy, such as "Pegasus Journey."

Someone would comment in the Relay's Discord channel, "If anyone sees a random tent in the middle of what was Relay Weekend, leave me be. I am squatting till next year.. Tough seeing all the amazing builds come down. Amazing displays this season all!"

By the late evening, many places were looking bare.

And so, the sun is setting on another Relay season. This year was different as teammate Alleara Snoodle had passed away some months ago. And yours truly had lost someone close in real-life to cancer. But the Relaying goes on. The theme for next year has been announced, "Hope Floats." And already teams are planning for next year. And of course there are the Making Strides and Christmas Expo events.

Bixyl Shuftan

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