Monday, June 13, 2022

RFL Team Sunbeamers Reach One Million Lindens, Emerald Level


On the late morning of Sunday June 12, the Relay for Life's Team Sunbeamers passed a goal that was looking doubtful. They finally passed the one million Linden dollar mark.

We made Emerald! Or as Dr. Evil might say, "One, million, Lindens!"

Great, but one small complication for yours truly, whom has to own up to a commitment. 

Yep, yours truly to help provide incentive for people to donate stated that if the team made Emerald, I'd go female for a week, as a clone of the team captain, Rita Mariner. And as Rita was pink thanks to a Bid Me, it was the pink Rita Clone. 

The team camp marker was quickly updated with a new badge to show the new rank. 

As of now, the Sunbeamers are 13th among the 138 teams in terms of cash raised.

Go Sunbeamers! Go Relay!

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