Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Premium Plus Details Revealed By Patch Linden


For some time, Linden Lab has occasionally mentioned plans for an improved version of Premium accounts, called "Premium Plus." Occasionally some small details about them were mentioned, but the bigger ones were kept quiet about. Yesterday at his "Meet the Lindens" interview at the Second Life Birthday on Monday June 20, he finally revealed just what Premium Plus offered, and would cost (24:30 minutes into the 1 hour and 44 minute video by the Lab). 

There is double the amount of mainland tier, from 1024 square meters to 2048. The land can also be split between mainland owned and a Linden home (they're available either in 512 or 1024 square meter parcels).

Later on, 2048 square meter parcel Linden Homes will be an option for Premium Plus accounts. It was hinted this might be done towards the end of the year. 

Able to claim or request a specific Linden Home, as long as it's still "available through the duration of the time in which you place the request through support manually." Patch stated he had to "heavily caveat" this detail, "the whole system is automated, and not even we can beat it ourselves." In theory, two or three Premium Plus residents could become close neighbors.

"You can get two land experiences that you can make," Premium only having the option to create one.

The sign-up bonus is 3000 Linden dollars (for Premium, it is 1000 L).

The weekly stipend is more than doubled, from 300 to 650 Linden dollars.

The number of groups one can be in doubles from 72 to 140 (basic is 42). 

The cap for stored messages when offline goes up from 80 to 160. 

No fees to upload textures and sounds. Mesh and animesh upload fees will change in the future. 

The group creation fee is reduced from 100 Linden dollars to ten Lindens.

The cost to list events on the Linden blog is eliminated.

The number of Animesh attachments will increase (Patch stated from one to two, but this is the increase from basic to Premium).

Premium Plus members get a "special support phone line" for direct concierge level support, with a toll-free 1-800 number, with Residents from outside the United States also able to use.

The Lab will make available sandboxes reserved only for Premium Plus accounts in the future.

The cost for all this is $29.99 US dollars a month, with a $24.99 introductory price, or $249.00 USD if charged yearly, slightly more than double the $11.99 USD monthly and $99 yearly fees for Premium. 

There are no changes to Basic or Premium accounts.

As of the writing of this article, there is no post on the Linden blog, or page on their website to sign up for Premium Plus. Patch stated there should be in a day or two. 

Addition: We originally gave $24.99 a month as the price, without saying that was the introduction offer. Sorry about the error.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. 250 A YEAR? WOW that's a tank of gas for me. Gosh i just have the worthless free service. I can't afford THAT much .
    typical greedy buisness

  2. No discount for members already holding a premium account. That works out damn expensive for Australians!

    1. for brazillians as well :(

    2. Nice extras.. but all to expencive for a hobby.. yes second life might be .. really my second life but it should stay affordeble

  3. Wow almost 14,000 a year for me in my currency.

  4. Soooooo…. What do those of us that have had a premium account (over 6 years) get with this? Doesn’t seem fair for it to be just for “New Members “ What about the already Faithful Members??

  5. What about people whose membership just got renewed last month or this year and pay yearly and would like to update? Will their be a price adjustment if they upgrade?

  6. Just think about how all of us that paid for college feel about people getting their student loans paid off by the gov. lol yall complaining about a few dollars.

    1. what does that have to do with this? go away tard

  7. Actually in some situations it's a good deal. You could have 2048 mainland and with increased prims have a store or business and with the elimination of event listing fee's ( event organizers) will see the value in that as well as the elimination of texture upload fee's. With the increased stipend, better support options and other little perks it's pretty good.

  8. premium for many years, I see only "more groups" as a benefit...the rest has no bearing on my day-to-day in SL

  9. i think there should be a adjustment for those that just paid for membership or at least a adjustment