Friday, June 10, 2022

At The Hopefest


Since Wednesday June 8, the Hopefest has been taking place. While technically a five day event, the three days from Wednesday to Friday get most of the attention.

In RFL Life, there were live music events such as Tia Rungway's piano performance.

And there were DJs such as Tracer Graves and Nat The Cat. One event I missed was the particle show by Color Alchemist.

 Also in the sim were some raffles, and silent auctions.

 To the south in RFL Knowledge was the Goblin Fair, with a number of Medieval and Rennisance-themed amusements, alongside some such as paintball. 

In RFL Knowledge are more modern-themed attractions at an amusement park.

While not part of the Hopefest, there were other happenings elsewhere at the Relay track, such as a dance performance at the Gorean area.

Today (Friday June 10) from Noon to 3PM is the Linden and Mole Barbecue with Patch Linden. So come by if you have a moment.

Tomorrow of course is the big weekend, the Relay Walk. So don't forget this most intense 24 hours of Second Life as well.

Bixyl Shuftan

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