Thursday, June 16, 2022

Pictures From HopeFest, Relay Weekend


Gemma Cleanslate was at the Relay for Life's Hopefest event last week. It was quite the event with a number of Lindens and Moles showing up, including Patch Linden.

Gemma would get a picture of herself with Abnor Mole.

Gemma would also go on the Relay Walk last weekend. Here she is on her segway, with Godzilla not far behind.

The huge avatar would make a big appearance at the "Don't Want to Go Home Party."

The Relay was certainly a big story. But much of the storytelling will have to wait. Just as the teams are taking down their camps today, the Second Life Birthday is just about to start. But we at the Newser will see what we can do.

Pictures from Gemma Cleanslate, dialogue from Bixyl Shuftan

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