Monday, June 13, 2022

A Great Relay Weekend


This past weekend was the Relay Walk, often called just the Relay Weekend. On Saturday June 11, many of us gathered at the American Cancer Society2 sim to listen to the Opening Ceremonies.

Following that, the teams would go to their camps to cheer on the survivors and caregivers at their lap.

And it was soon time for the team lap. 

The various sims were packed with traffic.

There were avatars of all kinds, from these mecha and huuuuuge Godzilla avie.

 To smaller avatars, such as tinies and smaller ferals. 

 And a couple times, I was the tiny, with the themed laps.

And there be dragons around.

Fuzzball Ortega was out with "The Hair."

There were some well-designed builds, such as this designer sim by Fiona Fei.

There were plently cheering on those going down the track.

 Over a thousand were on the track, with thousands of miles walked. Bain Finch would later say, "Total meters from all Relays 424,220,356 meters which works out to be 263,598 miles walked , 10-1/2 laps of the Earth."

Eventually the Walk was officially over, but people didn't want the fun to end and partied for hours.

Stay tuned for more pictures, once we've had some more time to rest.

*Addition* For those who haven't seen the Relay sims, Wednesday is the last day most of the builds will be up for sure (there's always "that guy" who takes down his build early). Thursday is the takedown day. Sometime on Wednesday will be the "Flood Party" in which a sim or two or three gets filled with water. 

Bixyl Shuftan

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