Wednesday, June 8, 2022

RFL: Team Sunbeamer "Bid Me" Results: Over 53,000 Lindens Raised

With the Relay Weekend approaching, Team Sunbeamers has been continuing to raise Lindens. Among the last fundraisers were several "Bid Me" events. Saturday June 4 was the final day for them. And at 8PM, the results were tallied. Four were at Club Cutlass.

0 -9000L
Pink Bunny for 3 weeks (ends June 25th)

Bixyl Shuftan
200 - 12,100
Skunk for 4 weeks (ends July 4th)

Liska DaLantros
0 - 12,150
Pink Fox for 4 weeks (ends July 4th)

Mr Fox da'Alenfey
0 - 9,200
Blue Fox for 2 weeks (ends June 18th)

Liska would later point out one small error, that the correct date for hers and Bixyl's events was Saturday June 2. 

There would be one more "Bid Me" to announce. There was one at the Happy Vixen, Mattie Carlton's "Bid Mattie Pink."

Mattie Carlton - Bid Mattie Pink

Stay normal - 3050
Turn pink - 7550

total 10,600

Mattie goes pink for three weeks

With the 42,650 Linden dollars from the Cutlass fundraisers, the total for all five was 53,250 Linden dollars raised.

Rita would comment she detests wearing pink, but these being the Relay was willing to grin and bear it for a good cause. So it looks like for now,  the 'beamers' leader will have to deal with a "bubblegum crisis."

The Relay Weekend is this upcoming weekend, from Saturday June 11 to Sunday June 12.

Go Sunbeamers! Go Relay!

Bixyl Shuftan

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