Tuesday, February 13, 2024

It Came From Bellisseria Chat: "Sorting My Patches"

Last week, at one point the people in Bellisseria chat were talking about an inventory sorting party, "We decided to start the inventory sorting party early. Come on over and have fun with us while sorting your inventory... or not." At one point, Dreamer Pixelmaid commented, "I keep deleting things, but it keeps increasing LOL!" Then later on, "I'm going to rez all my Patches." Someone commented, "Hey cutout Patch!" Traci Quandry-Marabana (Traci Quandry) remarked, "A Patch a day keeps the cornfield away." Dreamer pointed to the largest cutout, "Touch the big Patch to get candy!" She had rezzed a total of six cutouts of Patch Linden, calling it, "Sorting my Patches."

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