Thursday, February 1, 2024

EOTB: Update From Linden Lab


 Last week on January 24, Linden Lab posted some updates about what it's been doing, "News From The Second Life Team." 

Happy New Year! We’re off to a great start to the year at the Lab and happy to share more Second Life updates with you. You’ll find news on scripting additions, PBR Materials, Project Viewers, and an update on the Second Life Mobile Private Alpha program. Enjoy! 
 The Lab stated there would be updates in the scripting code, including one that would speed up the loading time of reading scripts after rebooting furniture. There were also some Project Viewers mentioned: Emoji, which "adds the ability to insert emojis in text chat," Maintenance W, Maintenance X which has "many usability improvements," and Maintenance Y in which hovering the cursor over the outfits in your outfit folder, you can see how it will look. 

For the PBR (Physical Based Rendering), which was announced in November and introduced in December, the Lab stated as of January 8 there were 24 more materials available to work with in PBR. They would also remind residents about the mobile viewer now in a limited release alpha, "We’ve had an incredible amount of interest, so if you've applied but haven’t been added yet, you’re still on our list. Future testers will be added and notified as the Private Alpha continues to expand. Thanks again for your patience as we process the ongoing demand and we look forward to your participation!"

Two days later, they would post "Moving From Jira Part Two," about their process of replacing the longtime JIRA system of reporting bugs, "the Second Life BUG project is in the process of moving the bug reporting process to and providing an archive of Jira issues on Github." The changeover is supposed to be complete by February 15 at which time JIRA will be shut down.

Source: Linden Blog

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