Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Mojo And Styfy Linden Have Left Linden Lab

Two of the Linden Lab team, Andrew Kertesz aka Mojo Linden and Steven Feuling, have recently departed. According to an article by Inara Pey, they were still on in late December, but by mid-January were no longer listed on the company website. There was no announcement by Linden Lab the Newser is aware of.

Mojo Linden was the VP of Engineering, having signed up in August 2021, some months after the departure of the popular Oz Linden. Styfy Linden was the Chief Marketing Officer.
Mojo Linden has been at several Lab Gab events over the past couple years, and has been part of the team working on the mobile viewer, currently in a limited release public alpha. Styfy didn't appear at public events as often, but was at a Second Life Birthday's "Meet The Lindens" event last year in June 2023.

Inara would comment, "I had wondered as to Mojo’s whereabouts a couple of times of late; his absence from the CCUG meetings had become sufficient enough for me to notice." She would "wish both gentlemen well in their respective futures, and also thank Mojo (should he ever read this!) for taking the time to engage with users and in responding to nagging enquiries from the likes of myself."
Source: Modem World
Bixyl Shuftan

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