Saturday, February 24, 2024

"Special Rezday Livestream - Draxtor is turning 17!"


From Draxtor Despress on February 29, "On February 20th this year it has been 17 years. Of being STUCK in the virtual realm ... OR HAS IT? Where does the time go? Does it go into a prim and it is then stored somewhere on the mainland where only Philip Rosedale has access to it? Why does Drax still wear a Slink body? What about the turtleneck he sported in 2009, or the Pacman shirt he used to wear until Linden Lab Lawyers (LLL) made him burn it and distribute the ashes over the Blake Sea? Lots of questions and no answers shall be given on this special Rez Day live stream. BUT lots and lots of stories and videos and perhaps special guests, and friends, and maybe enemies (since I am naive enought to show the location where I am at), dropping in and out"
Possible adult language in the video (yours truly didn't see all two hours)

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