Monday, February 12, 2024

Community Exhibition In The WelcomeHub Sim

On January 30, something new was introduced to the WelcomeHub sim. Linden Lab wasn't just touting Bellisseria to the residents. They were offering other communities in Second Life to tout themselves to newcomers and others visiting the region. The location was called the Community Exhibition.
As part of our effort to better connect virtual world newcomers with some of the best and most active inworld communities, we’re excited to debut an all-new expansion to the Hub – the Second Life Community Exhibition (SLCE).

SLCE aims to bring more visibility and exposure to a diverse range of Second Life communities during the earliest moments of the new Resident journey via primely-positioned exhibition space in one of our most active and popular starting points for all newly-registered Residents.  

Dropping by there, there were exhibits from the first eleven communities that had signed up to be on display. Some were more familiar than others. Among those that most seasoned residents would most likely recognize included Bay City, Virtual Ability. Burn2, Non-Profit Commons, and Caledon.

There was also a special Lab Gab episode, streamed live on the day of the announcement, featuring Strawberry and Patch Linden. Besides the official ribbon-cutting ceremony, they talked to several individuals representing their communities, such as Marianne McCann of Bay City. 

The Lab plans to expand the Community Center, and is inviting more communities to sign up. Community leaders, or officers who can represent their communities, are invited to fill out the application form (here). Those taking part need to be open to new residents, "priority consideration" will be given to those with a history of having newcomer-friendly events, they need to have been active for at least one year, while communities don't have to be G-rated their exhibits at the Center need to be, and more.

Source: Linden blog
 Bixyl Shuftan

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