Thursday, February 29, 2024

Relay For Life Team Fundraising Top Ten

 With the Relay for Life in full swing almost two weeks after it's start, it's teams have been bringing in some donations. As of now, top on the list is Team TAP, The Adult Partnership, which has raised a total of 2,437,380 Linden dollars, giving it Diamond level findraising. Second is Seekers of Hope, with 1,217,953 Linden dollars, at Emerald status. Third is Team One More Light, at 845,425 Lindens, and at Saphire level. Fourth is Team ACTS (Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps) wth 666,872 Linens, at Jade level fundraising. Fifth is Team Sunbeamers, at 557,835 Linden dollars raised, and also at Jade level. 
From six to ten are the five current Platinum level teams: number six being the Free Spirit Hippie Brigade at 375,000 Linden dollars, number seven is Team Nuggets at 347,145 Lindens, SBG Gems at number 8 with 330,270 Lindens raised, number nine are the Cure Chasers at 314,839 Lindens, and tenth is Team River of Life at 296,112 Linden dollars.
Other noted teams are Gold level and below, but are expected to soon rise. Number 21 are the Relay Rockers at 116,109 Linden dollars and Silver rank. The Second Life Cheerleading Squad is Number 23 at 97,888 Lindens. Meli's Maniacs are at number 26 with 75,550 Lindens raised. Roos With A Dream 64,155 Lindens raises are number 28.  

For a list of all the teams, Click Here

Bixyl Shuftan

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