Monday, February 26, 2024

Reader Submitted: The Sunbeamer Moon Dance


 You never know what you might find on the dark side of the moon. In SL, you can find humans, furries, robots, Roos and more at the weekly RFL team Sunbeamers Moon Dances with deejay Cynthia Farshore. Kudos and a big THANK YOU to the team for hosting their first of many BYOK events this season. They repeatedly show their "One Team" spirit by bringing together many teams at this weekly dance where attendees can contribute to the fundraising efforts of every team present, rather than only to their own. And on a side note, their very first event of the season just happened to be on the same day that a private American company landed a craft on the south pole of the moon, over 50 years since the last time an American space craft landed on the moon. What synchronicity!

Journey Texan

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