Sunday, February 4, 2024

Second Life Living Expo Is Open

 The Second Life Living Expo is taking place. This major Relay for Life event started on Friday February 2, and is taking place on six sims next to American Cancer Society. 

SL Living Expo is a Relay For Life of Second Life Mega Event, expanding upon the theme of home and garden and refreshing it in new and exciting ways by adding aviation, nautical, activities and experiences to have a glimpse into the way we live and enjoy Second Life.

The six sims had a variety of terrain. For SLLE Landing Hub, the sim had an urban look, with various shops and stores. For SLLE Activities, the area looked more countryside with various teams having tents. And the shops have a variety of items up for sale, from the indoor and outdoor house and yard decor the event was known for when it was the Home and Garden Expo, to things like arcade games. But there are also music events, auctions, and more.

Among the teams taking part is the team representing the community the Newser has it's main office in, the Sunbeamers, which has a tent at SLLE Activities (210/40/23).
For more information, check out the event blog here:
 Bixyl Shuftan

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