Monday, February 19, 2024

The 2024 Relay Season Kickoff

 Saturday February 17 at 10 AM was the official start of the Relay For Life 2024 fundraising season - The Kickoff. This event was the beginning of this year's season of the most successful annual charity event in Second Life. The place was packed, with almost 200 residents in the two sims the event took place in, American Cancer Society 2 and 3.

 The event was streamed live, and later a recording of the event posted on Youtube

There were avatars of all shapes and sizes there. 

 Wildstar and Oldesoul (tiny) were with Team ACTS' captain Liz Wilner.

Cynthia Farshore was there, flying the flag of the Sunbeamer team.

 Some of the team "Roos With a Dream" were there as well (sorry to say with all the lag not all the avatars rezzed for my camera. 

I was there for almost an hour. Despite the lag, the enthusiasm was very contagious. Almost two hundred humans, furs, ferals, tinies, and other avies all united for the purpose of defeating cancer.

Be sure to check the Newser for more Relay articles, and announcements. 

Bixyl Shuftan

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