Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Eye On The Blog: PBR Materials


PBR stands for Physically Based Rendering. PBR is a richer way of specifying the surface of an object that better simulates how objects appear in real life. PBR allows for realistic lighting for metals, plastics, leather, fabric, and more, including realistic reflections and bounce lighting.  The Second Life Viewer will now be able to display these more realistic-appearing objects in world, as well as allow creators to include this more advanced information in the object texturing.

The goal of this particular update is more realism in items, among the additional qualities being able to have reflective surfaces, such as a mirror. The time period the materials will be rolled out onto the Grid is described as several weeks. It should be noted there is a risk to items in which PBR is used as they might break in sims where it is unsupported "Until PBR server support is released across the entire Second Life grid." For now, PBR can only be applied using the latest Linden Viewer, and not Firestorm and other viewers.

More information can be read on the Tools and Technology blog (here).

Bixyl Shuftan

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