Thursday, November 16, 2023

Reader Submitted: Club Cutlass Annual Veteran’s Day Honor Dance


 On Saturday November, 11th the Sunweaver community held its regular Saturday night dance, however this one was different as it was a special dance to honor Real life Veteran’s. It was requested that vets wear uniforms of their service if they had one and others who had not served to reframe from wearing such. Cynthia Farshore, who herself is a Navy Veteran, was the DJ for the evening. The music played was songs from the different eras of conflict starting with the American Revolution and progressing up to today's.

At the end of the dance the veterans were asked to form up under the service flags to be recognized and photos. This time there were only four.

Left to right, Zorro Wuramunga, Rita Mariner, Shockwave Yareach, Cynthia Farshore.
Cynthia Farshore 

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