Friday, November 17, 2023

Sixteen Years of Writing Second Life News

It was sixteen years ago this month in which my Second Life as I knew it started. I had only recently started logging on regularly, was wanting to find out more about this virtual world, and began reading forums, blogs, and newsletters. This included the Second Life Newspaper, which had a number of writers who wrote about the people, places, and events across the Grid. Eventually, they posted an invitation to the readers to submit articles or pictures, and so I did. The owner was happy, and asked for more. And eventually, I was asked over for an interview, and got a job here as a virtual journalist, Second Life's "Fox Reporter."

It's been quite a journey writing the news, the first few years of which are a story unto themselves, after which my role changed from one of Second Life Newspaper's reporters to Second Life Newser's leader, once again the first few years of this getting their own story. But I was, and still am, still writing about the people, places, and events big and small across the virtual world. 
Much has changed from the early days. Many sims and a few communities have closed. People have left. But other places have opened and more people have come in. The place has gone from the darling of the tech media with a few major real-life corporations here to a place online that occasionally makes real-life news. Linden Lab's role has also changed somewhat, taking a more active role, taking part in more events and directly running one of the continents. Early on, I'd report on the occasional Linden blunder. But over the years, such blunders have gotten fewer and farther between, though still happen.

And I've changed a little as well after all these years. In real life, I've gotten grayer, gone through a career change, and sadly lost some friends and family. But I've also gotten some friends over the years as well, and dear Charlee. And of course I'm still a writer at heart, and will be continuing to report the news here in Second Life with my team for some time to come. 

"And that's the way it is." Good day from the Second Life Newser

Bixyl Shuftan

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