Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Events At The Veterans Tribute

 The Veterans Tribute is still going. And there's music events every day there. On Sunday, Charlee and I dropped by to DJ Nikki Bourne's set, which was followed by Krysta Constantine.

The events will continue for at least the rest of the week.
Tuesday 11/07: 2-4 PM Baako, 4-6 PM Lucious Giano
Wednesday 11/08 : 4-6 PM DJ Freed, 6-8 PM DJ Perg
Thursday 11/09: 6-8 PM DJ Nikki Bourne
Friday 11/10:  2-4 PM Baako,4-6PM DJ Dena McMahon, 6-9PM Marine Corps Ball
Saturday 11/11: 12-2 PM DJ Dena, 2-4 PM Baako,4-7 PM DJ Flatt/Spyker , 7-9 PM DJ Iniry Vaher

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