Wednesday, November 1, 2023

The White Vixen Enterprise's Halloween Bash

Sunday October 29 was the night of the White Vixen Enterprises Halloween party. Originally planned for 6PM SL time, it was decided to start the party a little early, partly so it could last longer and partily for those who had to be elsewhere then. The party was held at a special Halloween area near Nydia's home, Mouse Hole Manor, in Pacific Waters.

Nydia, the owner and head of WVE, which runs the Happy Vixen and the Purfection sim, was the DJ for the occasion. She had gotten her start as DJ "Naughty Nydia" years ago.

A number showed up in costume. There was a prize of 3000 Lindens for the occasion. It was split between three winners. As it turned out, so many tried to attend after these pictures were taken, the sim was soon full and people couldn't get in. Nydia would later say this would be the last major event planned in her home sim. Further ones will be in a full sim elsewhere. 

Bixyl Shuftan.

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