Friday, November 24, 2023

Rez Zones For Boats in Bellisseria

Among the various activities in Second Life one can do is boating, whether it's a small sailboat or a big yacht. But finding a place to place one from your inventory isn't always easy. Fortunately, the other day in Bellisseria group chat, Abnor Mole offered a list of locations.
[11:58] Abnor Mole: If you're looking for a place to rez a big boat... here are a few: 
[11:58] Abnor Mole: SSPShell Yeah (118,116,26)

Sloop John B (58,91,26)
Buffalo Springs (155,94,26
Running Bear (221,105,26)
SSPRum Tug (106,74,26)
Treeowatoor (33,28,26)
Bridle Path (208,38,26)
Itsa Fluke (124,162,26)
BelliHub (167,168,26)
Pegleg Channel (193,114,26)
Merrymount (33,54,26)
Salmon Eddy (154,129,26)
Eyrie (131,227,26)
Oukranos (126,124,26)
Port Cullis (124,129,26)
Baxby Gulf (255,53,26)

[11:58] Abnor Mole: Coral Waters (132,93,26)
Norse Auk (151,93,26)
Whiskey Bay (171,22,26) - next to Fairgrounds
Light of Aurelia (194,125,26)
Sunrise Pines (227,156,26)

Maiden Rock (81,170,26)

[12:01] Abnor Mole: Rez zones for large boats

Checking one out, I found one happened to be right over the water, and I fell in. So be prepared for a possible bath on heading over. Other residents reccomended slightly different locations, such as Freddie Harrington (Freddie Venus) "We just rezzed a big yacht here also SSPRum Tug (106,87,22)."
It should be noted that notecards of boat, car, and airplane rezzing places around the Linden Home continent are occasionally posted in the Bellisseria group. 

Happy boating


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