Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Looking Back: The Palestinian Extremist Sim

In real-life news, it's been about a month since the Hamas terrorist organization attacked Israel. In the resulting carnage, over 1400 Israelis were killed, notably many civilians in their own neighborhoods or attending a music concert. There have been numerous stories of grenades tossed into safe rooms where terrified families were hiding, and piles of decapitated babies. Many were also taken hostage. American visitors were among both the dead and abducted. 
In response, Israel responded by bombing Hamas positions in Gaza, the tiny but densely populated strip of land controlled by the terrorists, and then following up with an invasion. With so many people in the place and the terrorists taking positions so close to where noncombatants lived, the result has been scores of civilian casualties. With the stories of civilian suffering, there have been numerous calls among neighboring Arab states for a ceasefire, and pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the US and Europe. But there has been no alternative plan to get rid of the terrorists. 
Eleven years ago in November 2012, there was a less devastating attack on Israel from Hamas involving a number of rockets, resulting in a fight in which Hamas claimed victory despite coming out of it heavily damaged. In Second Life, there was also a Palestinian militant propaganda sim, Jordan River. The place was full of propaganda, referring to the Israelis as "Zionists," comparing them to Nazis, and calling for the end of the nation of Israel. Others spoke out against the place, Hamlet Au of New World Notes calling it a place with the "most extreme forms of expression."One commentator would say, "It seems strange to me that one can have a sim that calls for the annhilation of the state of Israel. And that's okay. But if (I) created one calling for the annhilation of Syria, Iran, Palestine or Egypt, why, then I'd be in violation of the TOS for 'hate speech'. Seems unfair to me."
Checking again several months later, Jordon River was gone. While it's possible the owner closed the sim on his own, more likely Linden Lab finally caught wind of the place and shut it down. 

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. Hamas operates within Palestine, Hamas is not Palestine, Conflating the two is far right propaganda, It's like saying all America supports the MAGA movement because Americans voted for trump previously and he won a term on a party that hasen't won the popular vote in forever, I haven't been to the sim myself but if their supporting extremist factions such as Hamas that's disgusting, however Israel in the land they've taken has resorted to a segregation against Palestinian citizens separating them from normal life and imposing hefty punishment for those who step out of bounds, making it impossible to live, Israel before the attack has been engaged in ethnic cleansing through this method producing a second class citizen, essentially its a quiet genocide. So though they are a people once persecuted by the Nazi's their Nations behavior is akin and the accusation is fair, there are no good guys in this incident, to portray Israel as the victim really speaks to your values, both sides are bad and the majority of the Palestinian casualties in the response are civilians as well. this is the face of right wing extremism and where it goes.

    To be totally Honest I'm skipping over a lot of the Nuance as well, but I'm just here pointing out a small sampling(if I get into the full nuance as to why both sides are bad this post would be endless) of it to call you out for completely ignoring it, to hell with your sneaky hollow politics this article is masked hate speech there are no good guys in this conflict, the civilians on both sides deserve none of this This is like Saying Proud Boys, or KKK or some other American extremist group is represents the US as a whole.

    That said, how about the new gay panic aimed at trans people, the genocide going on in Florida where protections are being removed and over 400 new bills are pushed overnight to make life more difficult and nudge us towards a genocide here, how about all the those that are showing up to openly support republicans while waving Nazi flags? I guess thats like Jan 6th to you Blame it on Antifa, I know you certainly wont call them Nazi's as much as they have a bunch of Flag Bearing Nazi's supporting them, you grabbed onto a sim to bring your politics here into the blog, sure the sim is probably bad, but I mean there are a lot of LGBTQ sims, why not say something about the hate crimes republicans commit against the community and clear the name, tell people LGBTQ people are not pedophiles as the right wing accuses them of and the such you could go to those sims and interview them, but you cover this crap from the perspective of the far right, that said, why not cover project 2025, aside from it being a draft for another Jan 6th attempt, how about all the provisions for the right to act on its hate, part of the movement behind that is to get some bill passed that illegalizes porn and classifies anything LGBTQ as porn, I mean think about it if you ever showed a pride flag on here what do you think such extremist stupidity of the republican party does to your blog nevermind the community I think you avoid it because its something right here at home that shows just how bad the right is, where as over here, in peoples day to day, where nobody gets much a vacation nobody pays attention to overseas politics you can twist that conflict around how you please but I mean Look some could say we both been honest about the situation but have our own spin on it, but to be totally honest not even touching on the nuance leading up to this and conflating Palestine and Hamas this article demonstrates your politics and your dishonesty when it comes to matters of politics.

    The American right is a hate group, and to treat them as a credible source on anything be it LGBTQ which im using as an example or this conflict you chose to side with a group carrying out a genocide cause an extremist group slapped them back, their both extremists

    I stand with the civilians and against this far right Farce, Shame on you Bixyl. Shame on you.