Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Mieville's Frendsgiving


 Last week on Wednesday November 15, the Mieville community had a Thanksgiving-themed event: Frendsgiving. "We will have plenty of food, good conversation, board games, and even a few picnic blankets in case anyone needs to lie down and take a nap. AND you may certainly drop by both sessions, or even stay all day long! All are welcome - hope to see you there!"
Friendsgiving evening dinner is under way.   Come on over for social hour and Thanksgiving dinner, hosted by Farzaneh.   Mieville Twain (103,193,752)
The event took place twice that day, at Noon for European residents, and at 9PM for American ones. According to the community blog, it started in 2018 with the blessing of founder Perryn Peterson. In the short time I was there, there was no shortage of conversation and (virtual) food. And yes that included the turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Bixyl Shuftan


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