Friday, November 3, 2023

SLife And Times: "Cleanup Week"

While starting up the Firestorm browser in the past few days, some residents might have noticed a "Cleanup Week" message. So just what is "Cleanup Week?" Well, fortunately there was a link to an entry in the Second Life wiki about it

Clean up your inventory sometime in Cleanup Week! Sometime during the first week in November, take 10 minutes to an hour cleaning up your inventory. Make sure that you purge that trash and put things in nice lil' folders!
According to the entry, the tradition was started in the Teen Grid by an Alpha Zaius. He suggested making the occasion a social event, "get together with friends and everyone call talk about the crap they have in their inventory." 
Personally, I take an occasional moment to clean things out a little, usually old notecards and landmarks. It can last from five minutes to five seconds as sometimes just as I think about my inventory and take a moment to clean up, I get messaged and forget about it.
Bixyl Shuftan 

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