Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Laura X Is Out

After months in development, Laura X has been released.
It was August in which it was announced that Maitreya announced they were coming up with a new mesh body, the Laura X. Several days ago, there was an announcement in the group they were "coming ever closer to release," and that already clothing for the new body was out "we work with the creator community to make this release the best it can be for everyone." 
Finally on late Monday night, there was talk in a few groups about the body finally being available. On Tuesday, Gemma Cleanslate would confirm it was finally available at the Maitreya store. She managed to get to the sim, also named Maitreya, which was packed, "prepare for lag." Someone would comment, "It's not an update, which is why I'm being careful to not say update .. it's redeliver your purchase which now contains a new body as well. ... You don't buy if you already own, just get your previous purchase redelivered."

Ryan Schultz would message the Newser, "Everybody who has Lara can just click on the Redeliver button (under the Misc tab) on the HUD to get a redelivery, which includes both LaraX and Lara 5.3. ... I'd say that the biggest differences are in the shoulder, armpit, and upper arm area, and the hips and thighs. A lot of mid-sleeve and short-sleeve items are not going to work with LaraX, as well as bathing suits, panties or any other skimpy clothing. Full sleeve length or sleeveless outfits should work, though. Full-length pants and non-skintight skirts of any length should also work, as you can still alpha out what pokes through relatively easily." He stated the body included some underwear, and felt about half of one's outfits wouldn't work well with it, "And they finally fixed the too-high armpits."
So Maitreya fans now have their new body just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Bixyl Shuftan and Gemma Cleanslate

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