Saturday, January 28, 2023

Announcement: Space Remembrance Day, Monday Jan. 30

 Join the National Space Society in SL at 3 pm SL time on Mon., 30 Jan., as we remember those lost to making real our dreams of space.  We will discuss space disasters, space risks, and how these affect the future of space exploration and development.
The three American space tragedies which roughly define this observance are the Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia missions. NASA sets their date of observance inconsistently, based on scheduling and other considerations at the time, and different NASA Centers may hold events on different days. This is not publicly announced very far in advance, so we set our own date. NSS in SL considers that this is likely to be an important annual observance for future space settlers, and that they will want consistency (and a three day weekend!), so we have instituted the "Space Remembrance Monday Holiday Bill" and hold our observance on the final Monday of January.

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