Friday, January 20, 2023

Reactions to Palomma Casanova's Passing

After the announcement that Palomma Cassanova, the owner of the Free Dove store, had died, there have been a number of reactions from Second Life residents. In Belliseria chat, there were many. "Oh so sad Palomma has been a help to all new peeps in SL for a very long time." "I was searching YT for a nice video about Free Dove and can't really find anything which is just "about" however the amount of users who have referenced Free Dove in their search terms of their sales videos is pretty amazing. Here is the oldest referenced one I found. Wow have times changed in SL's world of freebies and dollarbies. 8 years ago. ..." "She started her place back in 2006, thousands of people have benefited from it. Great freebies, sandbox, and you could set home there. Not a house, just 'Set home' there. The group has 150K members, plus all the ones that didn't keep it." "Yes I used to help at a place for new members years ago and we sent everyone there and often teleported them directly to Free Dove. I was often thanked by new members for showing it to them. Last time I was there was for the kittycats hunt." "The Free Dove has some of the best freebies in the grid.  I go there every few months and always recommend it to people. They also have some great hunts." "She was trying to improve the quality of freebies as back then it was hard to find good quality and original from a creator." "Very much so and they were all over the grid in the mainstores so it helped explore.♥" "She'll be missed for sure by many and I hope they do a nice memorial for her. Apparently she did not want Free Dove to continue without her."

There would be a thread in the forums for Palomma's passing, "I was sad to hear today that Palomma Casanova of the Free Dove has passed.  I'm very sad, but she is beyond suffering now, which is a blessing, as was counting her a friend throughout my time here.  Her hard work and generosity were remarkable, and SL will be the poorer without her"Patch Linden would post a comment on page 2, "I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Palomma Casanova.  My first reaction was to think through how to save the legacy she left behind, however this does seem to be in conflict with her wishes.  We will do whatever is respectfully necessary to move forward and offer any assistance where we can." Anne Brightstar would then suggest saving Palomma's Sunflower Park, at Epilais (230/197/100), "I do not think that in any way conflicts with Palomma's wishes to shut Free Dove, and it already has a touching memorial to her sister." Patch seemed to agree, "I would be absolutely supportive of that and I will explore if there is a way to preserve it and a memorial for her."

Someone in Bellisseria chat would point out this youtube made of the Free Dove some months ago. 

This youtube was made just a few days ago to honor Palomma and her store.

Considering the reaction from her fans, it's fair to say Palomma will be remembered for a long time to come.

Bixyl Shuftan

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