Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Fowl Times at Lighthorse, Bellisseria

 One never knows just quite will happen in Bellisseria next. The other day in Bellisseria chat, someone asked, "Has anyone seen the big rooster at Lighthorse?" "It's funny." "It is a damn yuge™ rooster, it YUGE™! I feel I wanna ride it." "Oooooh what a lovely covenant violation! (big grin)" "Chicken nuggets." 
Curious, I sent my alt Rezz to Lighthorse and looked around. On the map, there was a brown oval, and I eventually saw it, an enormous rooster on somebody's roof.  It towered over me, bigger than the house it was on.
The comments in Bellisseria chat continued, "*wakes up to chat about 20 meter rooster*" "Turn it into chicken soup, with dumplings." "Man you know how many chicken nuggies we could make that thing into?" "Rude, now I want chicken soup." "Maybe the over size poultry is the owner comment on the neighbourhood?"

No word on if this was part of some B-rated machinima "Attack of The Fifty Foot Rooster," a publicity stunt by an upcoming "Bellisseria Fried Chicken," or simply someone's attempt at fowl humor.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. Well ... that becomes such situation, where the prey might eat the predator ...
    ... or you might have at the end of the day a very, very fat belly-bulged foxy.

    Ummm ... was someone poke Fop (KingForri)? XD

  2. Or dinner for a hundred foxes, wolves, felines, etc.