Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year

Yesterday, Saturday December 31, was New Years Eve, and various places across the grid were celebrating, or had thrown a party a day or two before.

Club Cutlass would have it's New Year's party a day before on Friday December 30, with DJ Snowy playing.

Early on Saturday December 31, I would drop by Saffra Nitely's place in Devon Dream, which was ringing in the New Year for Europe.

Furry Fashion would have an event at 6PM SL time, ending two hours later.

Montectio Bay would hold one at Studio 86 at 8PM SL time, ringing in 2023 for the East Coast at halftime.

The Goblin Cave in Caledon Downs would have a small party, but it was still festive. Every hour to Midnight, fireworks would go off as the New Year rang in for a time zone.

Other places would ring in the New Year, such as Xanadu. Bay City was so crowded, I couldn't get an alt in. And someone I knew was sick to the point she didn't feel like partying, so stayed home so she could log on and off at her leisure when her body told her it was time to rest.
Some people looked back at the old year with a little sadness, thinking of the good times they had. Others felt good bye and good riddance, thinking of personal tragedies, inflation, toxic politics, Putin's invasion of the Ukraine that's killed tens of thousands and displaced millions, and more. A few expressed worry, wondering if the years 2020-23 were just the opening act for a bigger disaster. But most expressed hope for the future.

Happy 2023 Second Life

Bixyl Shuftan

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