Saturday, January 14, 2023

Cutlass Hospital Ship

 It's been, interesting times, for the Sunweaver community. A few days ago, community leader Rita Mariner came back home from the hospital after a precautionary check in some days earlier due to an infection on her leg. She's been far from the only Sunny in not so sunny times. A week and a half ago, Zorro Wuramunga was checked in the hospital, and a few weeks ago so was Valkyrie Ice. Others such as Penny Shuftan, Snowbuns Lefavre, and Mattie Carlton have also not been feeling well lately.

Shockwave Yareach mused that the way things were going, Club Cutlass would soon need it's own Intensive Care Unit. So when he DJed on Friday the 13th at Cutlass, the club sported the red cross symbol on the sides, there was a heart monitor near the DJ booth, and the dance poles had IV bags. He commented with his luck, he'd be the one in the hospital next. Rita, who was there, had a chuckle over the dark humor. There was no comment from Zorro, who was also there.
Bixyl Shuftan.

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