Sunday, January 15, 2023

SL Enquirer Editor Involved in "Karen" Incident

 Note: Comedy article, it didn't really happen.

 Lanai Jarrico, the editor of the Second Life Enquirer, can't seem to enjoy a simple coffee in peace these days.

The editor of the publication had supposedly gone into a Starbucks when she was harassed by a "Karen Smithstofferson" who proceeded to accuse her of shoving her and began verbally badgering her, calling her a bad journalist, making a 911 call and complaining to the police she'd been assaulted. Lanai got her coffee and left, but the indignant woman continued to hassle her. Finally the editor whacked her with a rolled up newspaper (presumably hers), fed up with her personal space getting constantly invaded. The verbal assaulter fell onto the sidewalk, dazed. 
Police arrived finding Lanai and a third woman giving first aid to Karen, who then proceeded to accuse the editor of assaulting her with a baseball bat. After talking to other witnesses, the policeman told Karen he was letting Lanai go with a warning, then proceeded to arrest the whacked woman for dialing 911 for a non-emergency. Then Enquirer would report someone at Starbucks would give Lanai a lifetime supply of virtual coffee for doing something about "the rash of Karenism spreading like wildfire across various Starbucks, Walmarts, Costco, Target, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Walgreens, Taco Bells, Hobby Lobby, and numerous Hair and Nails Salons."
To read the story in the SL Enquirer, Click Here.  

The preceding was a fictional story intended as humor and entertainment. 

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