Thursday, January 19, 2023

Plane Wreck in Bellisseria

 Picture from Larree Quixote. Not long after the "Chicken incident," Larree announced in Bellisseria chat, "Uh oh. There has been a terrible accident!" Then he posted this picture, that of a still-smoking plane that had smashed into a house-turned-club. There were soon other comments, "I didn't do it." "Not me either *sips her coffee casually*" "Just get out of the Larree! Ya saw nothing!!" "Looks like my flying, but it wasn't me, today." "Flying into a house like yours. Just not today!" "Think of it as.. an attic conversion (grin)." "I mean ... ya drive a plane into a house and it's for sure going to be an open floor plan hey? (grin)" "Belli Homes .. now featuring unique skylights!" "I take requests if anyone wants that new skylight, but best warn your neighbours in case I get the wrong street."

I never did get the location of the "Launch Pad" pilot.

Bixyl Shuftan


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