Monday, January 9, 2023

Bree Himmel Has Died

There was some sad news late last week in Raglan Shire. Bree Himmel had passed away. She had gone to the hospital in late December and was held after being diagnosed with a blood clot. 

At 5:15 pm (Thursday January 5), our friend Bree was reunited with her beloved pug Charlie across the Rainbow Bridge. Her death was completely unnecessary and is a direct result of the spectacular failure .... to value ppl with disabilities by fully funding Home and Community Based Services so they can get support for activities of daily living-of which Bree was in desperate need. Many of our Tiny friends and others have disabilities and for some, like Bree, SL is the most contact they get with the outside world. That’s what makes Raglan Shire and the ppl in it so special-it is a safe and friendly virtual space for ppl with disabilities to make friends and receive desperately needed social support. I know The Shire gave Bree a lot of happiness in an otherwise bleak existence filled with the “benign neglect” that so many ppl with disabilities experience. Over the years, we’ve lost a lot of Tiny friends for whom The Shire has been a Real Life Sanctuary filled with emotional safety and happiness. Perhaps, one day, the RL world will catch up. Until then, thank you Tiny community, all your many kindnesses are never forgotten. Rest Easy Basement 🐈‍⬛—Lyra Snowpaw, BKOD

Besides at Raglan as one of the "Basement Kitties of Doom," Bree could also be seen at Caledon. In real life, she was Diane Hazel Delaney of Texas.

Source: Facebook, Discord

Bisyl Shuftan

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