Monday, January 16, 2023

Gofundme for Becky Nosferatu

Becky Nosterfau, one of Montecito Bay's content creators, has fallen into hard times. She explained the situation in a Gofundme for the situation.
So long story short, my disability was up for review and due to the Post Office not delivering my paperwork, I lost my disability. I've filed for a reclaim, but I have no fucking idea if they're going to give it back to me. I had to file 4 different forms and mail them in.

My case worker lost it last week, so I had to fax it in this time. This situation took 3 months to even get this far, because every time I called Social Security, they kept jerking me around, giving me wrong advice, and/or didn't know what to do properly to help me. My disability officially ended in December. (No one in my family got Christmas presents from me this year because of it, including my 15-year-old child.)
Becky had some good news. Not long after the Gofundme went up, some generous people donated the initial $500. But she was hoping to get a little more, "Hopefully I can get a bit more. I lowballed as much as possible, cause I didn't want to seem greedy."

For those wishing to donate, once again, the gofundme is here:

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