Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Magican Productions and Twilight Imaginarium


At the corner of Montecito Bay is a store where you can find a number of avatars, avatar mods, parts, clothes, and other goods: Magican Productions and Twilight Imaginarium, by Becky Nosferatu and Moni Vyle (Tatteredwilite).

The first floor is for Magican Productions. Upon entering, to the left are a number of mods. This includes Becky's prize product, the Speckled Dragon mod. You can get one of several colors, or a fatback with all of them. There are other mods suchas the Rainbow Crux. For those on a budget, in the back to the left are some freebie avatars. To the back on the right are some discounted avatars at a fraction of their original price, such as the batlike Bloodkin. On the right wall are various parts, tails, hands, legs (too bad you can't send them to Horizons_ and more. There are also a few clothes available for sale, such as Disability Motivators shirts. You can also get a free cup of cider or one of a few other drinks.

The second floor is for the products of Twilight Imaginarium. Currently all of it's products available at the store are on just one wall, various avatar mods such as the Metal Panda and the Generic Goat Demon. It seems the floor is a work in progress as the paint in the place is still wet. There's also some odd card came in progress in the middle of the floor with some chalk lines and circles drawn underneath.

Don't forget to explore around while you're there as this is picturesque Montecito Bay with it's futuristic design and neon lights. For instance the nearby WCRX radio station is there. 
Twilight Imaginarium MP -

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. isn't this also the location of the Avangoria Mall? I remeber SKS@Monticedo bay. It was that Mall where My favorite Aventity fox was born. she started out as something i worked on on an ALT.